Reliable, Accurate Estimates

Every Time

Whether you are a government agency, bank, promoter or an industrial owner, the project estimate, and how it is managed, is the cornerstone for each stage of a project’s life cycle.
To ensure quality of services and achieve a higher level of excellence, Validal has created and designed a framework using coordination mechanisms and project controls to optimize estimations. All staff dedicated to the development of an estimate is committed to controlling the process and the utilizing the appropriate methods to perform effectively to ensure project costs are accurate.

Our detailed estimates allow our customers to see the actual effort required both in equipment and manpower, as needed, on each project and are used as a reference in order to optimize the planning and coordination of strategies. It is then straightforward to analyze project risk in terms of quantities and the budget/cost effects of production. Validal’s comprehensive estimate is distinguished by its ability to assess, throughout the life cycle of a construction project, estimates of control, changes to current contracts in compensation claims and gap analysis costs.

The use of our detailed estimates is one of the activities that enable our clients to measure the true competitiveness of markets in addition to having all the technical data needed to negotiate with contractors carrying out the work. Validal has stood out and earned a strong reputation in the development of estimates while strictly respecting budgets and timelines.

Elements Considered and Utilized in the Process:

  • Taking quantities
  • Volumetric 3D scanning
  • Estimations (LUQS estimation software)
  • Risk analysis
  • Work schedules
  • Cash flow
  • Project management

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