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Civic Project Estimation

Validal has a dedicated team of qualified experts in civil cost engineering and infrastructure. Using proven methodologies and tools, we work with Project Owners, Work Providers, Public and Private Sector Groups, Banks, Legal and Insurance companies to provide independent estimations and benchmarks to ensure projects are done on time at the right price.  more

Expert Witness & Advisory Services

Validal provides complimentary, expert witness and advisory services to Banks, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Government Agencies, Developers and Project Owners. The advice and mediation for dispute resolutions and litigation support minimize project risks and controls, aid in procurement management and reinforce project strategy.  more

Benchmark Your Projects

Reduce risk and increase profits


Optimize Project Lifecycles & Costs

At any point in a project,  whether new construction or maintenance work —- estimate, on-site visits, quantity surveys and evaluations of tenders and bids and more can be done to ensure on-going accuracy.

Why Work with Validal?

  • Independent benchmark estimates
  • The technique, administration and experience of our estimators in the industry
  • Estimates based on scientific methodology, quantity of material, crew, productivity and more vs. average price points
  • Fixed bid or hourly rate flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Quality of results
  • On-site visits
  • Complete reports with pictures, how we estimate and detailed estimate
  • Easily proven ROIs through the use of benchmarks
  • About Validal

    Civil Engineering Experts

    Since 1986, Validal has focused on offering independent benchmark estimates as an ethical and professional civil engineering services provider. Our highly skilled team of senior consultants has worked in the public sector performing tender evaluations for various government groups and enterprises. This experience across a wide range projects in the civil engineering and construction industry, brings a competitive advantage to our clients. more

  • Methodology

    Best-Practices Utilized

    Validal has created a best-practice methodology aimed at improving the project execution process. This methodology focuses on all phases of the project life cycle from design to procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance. more