In a competitive industry that operates at low profit margins, inefficiencies cannot be overlooked. Management decisions greatly affect productivity over the life cycle of a civil engineering or construction project in many ways including planning, resources and control and the quality of information and feedback.  Decisions that are inflexible or applied inappropriately can present inefficiencies that reduce productivity. Validal has created a best-practice methodology aimed at improving the project execution process. This methodology focuses on all phases of the project life cycle from design to procurement, construction, commissioning, operations and maintenance. The value of utilizing best practices on cost and schedule control, as well as field rework, has been proven over time. This cycle management allows performance to be brought to a higher level.

Project Life Cycle & Estimation Performance Improvements include:

  • Validation of project feasibility
  • Measurement of the level and variation of the cycle
  • Identification and elimination of causes of variation
  • Ability to raise the level of process performance
  • Identification of events that could disrupt the cycle or impact budget

Project Life Cycle & Estimation


A fundamental productivity problem is that projects customarily apply project control, but little or no attention is given to controlling the ‘production’ process. Project control focuses on project outcomes; process control complements project control by adding focus on efficiency and productivity of execution

— Construction Management Association of America